I sit naked under the pagoda, waiting. I glance around the room, catching snippets of chatter and laughter and conversation, whimpers and moans from the other scenes in progress. Before ordering me to strip, he laid down the waterproof pad on the ground. I sit in the middle of it, and I can see daddy's pretty purple rope laid out to my side. I close my eyes and breathe. I hear a jingle as his belt is undone, and he lets his pants fall to the floor. A moment later, his naked body is pressed against my back, his warmth radiating into me. His left arm comes around, hand on my heart, pulling me into him. The other hand rests on my throat. "Are you ready, little girl?" He breathes into my ear. I moan and nod my head. His hand leaves my throat, sliding down over my shoulder, rotating it and pulling my wrist behind my back. The other hand trails over my breast, applying gentle pressure to my nipple, then pulling the other wrist back. Then, the rough, sweet feel of rope aroun


  Sometimes we do things and we don't know why at the time. Especially in our youth. I found myself recalling such an occurrence recently when talking to a friend. It happened when I was just nineteen - 'the occurrence.' I had made friends with a new group of people, all of them older than me. Gino and Rob in particular were very friendly. I'm sure if mobile phones had existed at the time we would have exchanged messages incessantly. As it was, Rob often cycled fifteen miles to come to visit. I truly viewed Rob as just a friend - a good friend with who I had much in common. We would sit on the porch in the sun, listening to music and talking. Like Gino, he was very artistic. Both played guitar. Gino was in a band. It was one day when we were all at Gino's house when I first noticed the rivalry between them. How I had not noticed it before was a mystery to me. As Gino played his latest song and laid on his Italian charm the air fairly sizzled with Rob's annoyan


  "Hola! Como Esta?" Said the absolutely gorgeous front desk attendant at my all-inclusive Mexican resort. She had a beaming white smile under her tanned skin and athletic figure. "Good...well bien! Y Tu?" I asked as I smiled back and walked up to the front desk. I set my bag down and went through the check-in process. It was hot and I was already sweating from the hotel transport ride from the hotel. But this was going to be a really good week of vacation, I could already feel it! I gave my credit card and signed for my room key after a few minutes and she asked if I would like someone to take my bags up to the room with me. I said yes please and slung my backpack over my shoulder while an attendant nearby came over. I smiled at him and couldn't help but check out this hunk of a man that came over. He was maybe an inch or two taller than me but weighted at least 50 pounds more. His arms and legs looked squeezed in the too-tight hotel clothing. His muscular gl