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How Can Children Read Earlier?

  According to an extensive 20-year research project, scientists found that the more   Mental Stimulation   a child gets in their earlier years, the   More Developed the Language and Cognition Part of Their Brain   will be in adulthood. (Source: Abstract #908.02/BBB25, Centre for Neuroscience and Society; University of Pennsylvania) Thus, the earlier a child can start reading adds to greater brain development. How I Discovered a New Reading Method Hi, I’m Sarah Shephard, an English Teacher. Let me share with you my personal story about one of my children and his reading skills. When my 6-year-old son came home from school with a report card that said he was “Failing” in his English class, I was shocked. A son of an English teacher failing! I was embarrassed. When I started working with him on his reading I developed a  Surprising New Method  that had him immediately reading at a phenomenal level. It completely turned him around in his English class.  This New Approach to Reading is Un