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How To Stop A Dog Pulling On Leash

From the first moment we brought out our first dog home, we faced some tough challenges. Either because of their history or just due to their personalities, our dogs came with their own issues and we were just way too inexperienced to help them. From all the issues that needed to be addressed, the worst was, by far, walking on a leash. Why Dogs Struggle To Walk On A Leash Walking nicely on a leash is not an instinctive behavior for any dog. They have a   faster pace   and their need to smell everything they see means they have their own walking agenda. Also,   they feel restrained . The trick here is getting them, not only used to that but also to accept it. Either because the dog is old, too big, or just set in his ways, it may seem impossible to train dogs to walk on a leash comfortably. But we know for a fact it is not only possible but even simple to achieve. Dogs learn differently than humans and if you understand how their mind works, you can solve MOST dog behavior issues. It W