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 Your lingerie is embracing the delicate contours of your body. You feel as naked and exposed as I gaze longingly at you as you lie spread-eagled on the bed. I grip your wrist, feeling the gentle pulse of your heartbeat against my thumb as I imagine how those restraints must feel, securing you in place. Perhaps my imagination was racing as much as yours right now. You watch as I cut the lingerie off your body. Leaving you naked in front of me. Vulnerable and unable to move. I have thoughts of my hands caressing every inch of your body, my mouth seeking out all the places that could elicit the loudest sounds of pleasure in you. I think to myself how your mind must have been alight, burning with desire, casting its white-hot heat throughout your body, stoked further by the confines of the blindfold, adding so much more to the anticipation. I'm wanting to touch you in places and let my fingers linger, wanting to feel your skin. My mouth leads a path down your neck to your pussy, while


 "Whaddya think, Danny?" A perfect summer's dream. My wife wore the flowy, strapless dress she bought at the marketplace the other day. I couldn't help but smile because her charm was just so goddamned contagious. "You light up the room, sweetheart." Pretentious, yes. But true. "Aw, you're so sweet." She planted a wet kiss on my forehead. "I assure you," I said, "I'm still picturing you naked, though." "I know." Her laughter was light as the breeze. "You always do." I stood up and hooked my arm in hers. "Let's get something to eat, shall we?" We walked to the restaurant and filled our plates with exotic fruits, a big chunk of warm rice, bread, and fresh lettuce leaves. Emma kept throwing lingering glances at me while we stuffed ourselves. Her warm hand rested on my hairy thigh. "Can you believe," she said, "we still have another week ahead of us?" "Wish it was lo


  My life had been in chaos. The only thing I could do was to "man up" and make things right. So I did. At 20 years old, I'd stumbled through a trades apprenticeship, killed my weekends drinking and partying, and managed to knock up my estranged girlfriend Beth. My parents never shamed me outright, but I could feel their deep concern. Beth's family on the other hand hated my guts, and the only way to repair things with her folks was with a ring. I proposed to her with balloons and a smattering of friends capturing the moment on social media- the wedding itself was a negotiation with her parents, a quick city hall ceremony, but performed by a minister. As a wedding gift, our families had cobbled together a down payment on a house in the burbs, one town over from Beth's parents. Best case scenario in a no-win situation for me I guess. Goddamned cock. Looking at our engagement photos, you'd think we were the happiest kids in town. I was like a teenaged newscast