Your lingerie is embracing the delicate contours of your body. You feel as naked and exposed as I gaze longingly at you as you lie spread-eagled on the bed. I grip your wrist, feeling the gentle pulse of your heartbeat against my thumb as I imagine how those restraints must feel, securing you in place. Perhaps my imagination was racing as much as yours right now. You watch as I cut the lingerie off your body. Leaving you naked in front of me. Vulnerable and unable to move.

I have thoughts of my hands caressing every inch of your body, my mouth seeking out all the places that could elicit the loudest sounds of pleasure in you. I think to myself how your mind must have been alight, burning with desire, casting its white-hot heat throughout your body, stoked further by the confines of the blindfold, adding so much more to the anticipation.

I'm wanting to touch you in places and let my fingers linger, wanting to feel your skin. My mouth leads a path down your neck to your pussy, while the palm of my hands slides across your body, your thighs, your waist, your breasts. I can smell how wet your pussy is already.

My lips trail around your inner thighs, kissing and biting my way to your pussy. Never giving you the full contact yet that you desperately need. You are begging and pleading with me for more. You push your hips towards me. You arch your back, longing for me to touch you more. Over and over, you try to touch me. An hour of sexual torment pushes your mind into agony for the pleasure you seek from me.

I start to gently touch your clit with my mouth, my tongue. I switch from constantly circling my tongue around your engorged clit, swollen with lust and needing sweeping my tongue left and right over the tip of it. If only you could see how much it twitched. Then, in a moment, I clamp my lips firmly over your aching clit that is so sensitive right now.

You let out a low moan. My hands hold your hips in place. My head stays between your legs. Your eyes are closed as you let go of your body. You tremble, shudder, feeling my mouth on you. You are frozen in the wanting of me, tasting you. I feel your pleasure in you. Your pussy is soaked. My slippery tongue engaged in a passionate dance with your pussy. You beg me to let you cum. My mind's eye sees all of you, all of us, together. My tongue is lapping at you and your pure arousal. I imagine your pussy juices dripping down your ass cheeks, you are so wet for this.

You cry out in frustration. It seems like forever since you asked for permission to cum. My fingers slid back and forth over your pussy the way my tongue had. You've passed the point of playful teasing and now has become a torment to you. Every action and sensation has magnified tenfold. Over and over, I bring you to the edge of an orgasm, only to back off and let you recover just enough to start again. I know, you need this, you crave this. You are locked in a state of anguish and arousal.

Hours enticing your pussy with an orgasm. Taking every ounce of willpower to not give in and play with you while I am so in love with you that all I want to do is have you cum for me. You plead with me to let you cum. Almost in tears because your need to cum is greater than you have ever experienced. I slide a finger inside of you while I continue to suck your clit. You feel secure in having me in control. To give your body to me as you know I am devoted to you. I gain pleasure from exploring the deepest regions of our soul, body, mind, and heart.

I whisper to you, barely loud enough for you to hear me. "Good girl, you've held back long enough. You know how much I love feeling and hearing you in such desperate need of me. Your pussy is wrapped so tightly around me. Do you wish it was my cock sliding back and forth? Just me saying that you have clenched even tighter around me. You're begging to cum now. Do you want to come?"

"Yes! Daddy! Please!", you exhale in a raspy voice. Once again, I press my mouth on your clit. As I build you back up, I command you to "Come for me, baby girl!" With that, you tense up in anticipation as the pleasure engulfs you in waves, before throwing your head back against the pillow, your back arches. Your mouth opens in a silent scream, complete ecstasy. Your body shakes. I am deep inside of your pussy with my fingers as I continue to fuck you. Your orgasm tears through you, as you pull on the restraints.

My mouth continues to suck and lick your clit. The cuffs around your wrists and ankles keep you from pushing me away or moving away from me. You tell me that you are going to cum again, though I already know that because I can feel it from the inside. You show no signs of slowing down. Whatever control you had over yourself, you have lost. I force you to cum and cum again. Over and over for me. At first, you were frightened to think how much I love you to coax this kind of response out of you. But you allowed me to take your body and mind over to a place you always wanted to go. You clamp your legs together, trapping my head in place.

Every muscle in your body strains against the bondage. There is no escaping my tongue. I know your clit is hypersensitive that every time my tongue glides across it, it feels like a whip on it. Your clit pounds with every heartbeat and it pulsates. You scream out, thrashing around. It's a futile attempt to get away from your own desire. You are almost in constant orgasm now. "Maybe I won't stop until you pass out". I barely said it but you heard it.

Your mouth is slightly open, wondering if I will keep going that much. Pleasuring you with every touch of my love for you. Your heart is racing. You are unable to speak. You are having a hard time breathing with anticipation. I slide two fingers inside of your soaked pussy as I fuck you with so much love for you. Faster and harder, my hand is a blur as I fuck you deeper. You beg me to fuck you like this. I have built you up and you will be rewarded with so much pleasure. Your back arches as you I feel you starting to cum. I love how you do that, arch your back, right before you cum hard for me. I rub your clit as I fuck you. This just pushes you over the edge as you cum on me. You want to cum for Daddy. "Good girl", I tell you as you cum again.

After you have cum for the last time, I release all four restraints. You are spent. Your body is covered in sweat. I pull you against me. You are unable to speak. You are breathing so fast. You are far away in that one place you alone can go. You know I love you. You know I am watching over you and will keep you safe while you are away. You want to stay where you are for as long as possible. I hold you. I kiss your head. I just wait for you to come back...when you are ready to come back. No matter how long it takes, I am there waiting for you.