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  Marcus was quiet about himself, always very private, including about his sexuality. He avoided answering whenever someone asked if he was straight or gay, he simply didn't know, but now he was 18, soon to be 19, and then it changed. Victoria was a very liberal city, so compared to say smaller towns in the smack middle of the USA. there was very little prejudice, let alone about same-sex attractions, it was even encouraged. This always proved difficult when Marcus would try to figure out which of his pals were likely gay and not. In high school, they always did weird shit as jokes. If one bent over you could expect one to rush behind him and hump the dude, or even the way Jay & Carson would behave in front of Marcus, sometimes Jay would strip to his underwear openly, hands on his hips as if begging the other guys to try not to look at the bulge in front. Carson was more direct, when he had a girlfriend in the 9th grade Marcus would come over for sleepovers, only this time he


  I love dick. I know that is a hell of a way to start a story, but it is true. I seriously love having a dick in my ass and in my mouth. It was not always so. I grew up in the '70s and '80s and was taught that LGBT was wrong. I did not actually care until I went into the Navy. The idea of being LGBT at that time was grounds for a BCD or even a DD. So I convinced myself that it was wrong and disgusting. What happened to me in 1989 was so much of a surprise to me that I freaked out about it. However, thinking back on it today, I have to chuckle at my self-loathing. Working on a carrier in supply is a pain in the ass (no pun intended) and I used to work well past liberty. Well, one Friday night, I had to get away. I walked towards the enlisted club and while I was heading that way, I had a guy offer me a ride. I said sure and hopped in. He was in the Air Force and said he was temporarily stationed with his squadron at the air station connected to the base. We talked for a bit w


  Eric rolled off Sarah, panting, enjoying the final shivers of pleasure, her hands digging into his back a moment before he rolled off. Making love to Sarah was the best, he loved her dearly and every time his cock was inside her the rest of the world disappeared. All that existed was the 2 of them. Sarah gave him a thin smile as she sat up and walked off to the bathroom to tidy up, his smile grew wider as he gave her a playful slap on the ass as she walked past. He had a feeling that something needed to change though. Lately, the sex had been a bit flat, whenever he tried to plan out something to change it up, life got in the way and his plans collapsed. They had discussed a few things to try to get them out of the rut, but nothing seemed to work. They had spoken about a swingers club, but neither one liked the idea of sharing. They had tried anal once, but it had hurt Sarah, so that failed too. Eric tried watching porn, but the terribly bad acting put him off. He looked over at hi