I sit naked under the pagoda, waiting. I glance around the room, catching snippets of chatter and laughter and conversation, whimpers and moans from the other scenes in progress. Before ordering me to strip, he laid down the waterproof pad on the ground. I sit in the middle of it, and I can see daddy's pretty purple rope laid out to my side. I close my eyes and breathe.

I hear a jingle as his belt is undone, and he lets his pants fall to the floor. A moment later, his naked body is pressed against my back, his warmth radiating into me. His left arm comes around, hand on my heart, pulling me into him. The other hand rests on my throat.

"Are you ready, little girl?" He breathes into my ear. I moan and nod my head.

His hand leaves my throat, sliding down over my shoulder, rotating it and pulling my wrist behind my back. The other hand trails over my breast, applying gentle pressure to my nipple, then pulling the other wrist back. Then, the rough, sweet feel of rope around my wrists, holding them in place behind me. He breathes on my neck as he slowly guides the rope around my upper arm and across my chest above my breasts. Around and he pulls it tight, and I feel myself starting to slip. My breathing slows and evens. My eyelids flutter closed. Another pass around, pushing and pulling me, skin on skin, rope on skin.

He leans in, I feel his lips on my shoulder as he passes the rope between my arm and body, his fingers pulling the rope through, locking the line in place. My body is loose and pliable. My head rolls forward as he continues the tie, my neck relaxing, I gasp as the second set of lines is pulled tight under my breasts, letting out a moan.

As he finishes the tie, I am floating. He pauses before picking up more rope. Fingertips run from my jaw, over my shoulders, down my arms. He reaches around and pulls on my nipple, and I moan, feeling electricity run down my spine to my wettening pussy. I moan, and he leans into me again. This time, I can feel what I do to him - his hardness pressed against my ass. His hands come to my hair, and then I feel the blindfold being wrapped around my head. Tight against my eyes, then tied in the back, and the room is gone.

He pulls back and I feel his hands near mine, I feel rope being tied, feel the pull of the line going up, through the ring, back down. He pulls, and I am lifted. The pressure is sweet and intense and beautiful. I'm on my knees, and I lean slightly, testing the rope, letting it take the weight off my legs. As I lean forward, I feel his hand on my back, pushing me forward. I resist a bit when my weight begins to go forward on my chest. The foreign feeling of my weight on the ropes pressing into my chest makes me resist without really meaning to.

He continues to press me forward and I give in, relaxing into the rope until I am leaned parallel to the floor, my ponytail falling against my ear, knees on the ground. His hands are on my ass. He caresses my skin, then runs his nails over me. As then get closer to the spot between my legs, I wiggle and shudder. I can feel the air on my pussy, my dripping wetness means it feels cool to the touch, and I feel exposed.

Then, he is gone. But not gone. Because the next thing I feel is his hand coming down hard on my ass, stinging and pushing me violently forward into the rope. Again,, his hand comes down on the other cheek. He hits me again. And again. Then he stops and runs his nails over my burning, sensitive skin. I cry out, and then feel his breath on my skin. He kisses the bottom of my spine, then I feel his hands on my hips. His fingertips dig into my skin, into the roundness of my hips, catching on the bone. I press back into him as much as I can.

Suddenly, there is a presence in front of me. I feel the air stop moving, I feel the warmth as space is taken up. My lips part, and suddenly there is something there. Warm, velvety, and hard, the cock presses lightly against my lips. I feel a drop of salty pre-cum on my lips and lap it up with my tongue. Daddy hits me again, and my body moves forward, the cock in front of me driving slightly into my mouth. I open my lips wider and let them slide inside. A hand wraps around my ponytail, pulling, and I moan.

Another blow lands on my ass, but instead of a hand this time, the belt hits my skin and snaps away. I cry out, and the cock in my mouth slides further inside. Then he pulls back. With every slap of the leather against my skin, the cock thrusts into my mouth, deeper and deeper. As the belt disappears, the cock pulls back. My ass is on fire, I wiggle, but there is nowhere to go, I am held in place by rope and the fullness, growing harder in my mouth. I feel the blindfold wettening as my tears squeeze through my closed eyelids.

Then it stops. The belt is gone and I hear two voices, one from behind, and one above, telling me to get off. I cry out and my body tightens, and as the hot orgasm flows from between my legs, a cock slides inside my waiting pussy. He enters me fully in one thrust, with no warning and no chance to prepare. As he does, I'm forced forward and the cock in front of me is deep in my throat, blocking my airway. I struggle, but it's no use.

They pull out simultaneously, and I gasp for breath, then suddenly I am full again. The sensations from both ends are overwhelming, the rope digs into my skin, I am full from both sides and shuddering with the pleasure and intensity of it all.

Suddenly, the cock in my mouth thrusts deep into my throat, and I cannot breathe. My pussy continues to be assaulted, the hard cock there pounding into me, deep, hitting my cervix with every thrust. They are no longer moving together. I can't breathe. I start to panic, my body starts to buck, and my arms strain at the rope. I am desperate for breath. I am frightened. I try to move my head, shaking it from side to side. I hear a moan from above me and know that they are enjoying my struggles.

My chest moves, trying to grasp and take in oxygen, but it's no use. He pounds into me from behind as the room starts to fade.

I come to, shuddering, gasping for breath, the cock in my mouth is touching my face, spreading saliva across my cheeks. I desperately take in breaths as my body comes back and the pounding in my pussy is so overwhelming that as soon as I hear the command I cum, hard and out of control, I am screaming and making noises with every thrust, crying out, delirious with the heightened pleasure of having lost reality and then come back again.

The cock against my face moves and slides between my lips again. Both of them are moving more erratically now. The moans from above my head get louder, and then he thrusts deep, and I taste the hot spurts of his pleasure on the back of my tongue. I suck and lap it up, not losing a drop. His hands leave my hair, and he moves slightly so that the side of my face is pressed against his hip as Daddy continues to fuck me mercilessly from behind. Warm hands slide around my sides, under me, to my breasts, caressing and pulling at my nipples.

I scream as I cum again, clenching around the cock that's still filling me. Then, he slams into me hard, and I feel him cum, I feel his pleasure pushing into me, and my orgasm won't stop. I feel like I might pass out again. He stops moving but stays inside me. The hands are still playing with my nipples, and I can feel the cock in my pussy moving and twitching, touching me inside as his hand snakes around my waist and down to my clit. He presses, barely, holding pressure there. I cum so hard that I push him out of my cunt, and the hot liquid gushes and sprays down my legs for what seems like minutes.

When my muscles let go of the tension, my weight falls on the rope. My legs are tired and shaky. He stands behind me, and I feel the rope move as he begins to untie, then lowers the upline. As I'm lowered, my upper body lands on something warm and comforting. Uncle Mark is there beneath me, warm and comforting, his hands stroking my hair. He calls me a good girl, and I relax into him as Daddy curls up beside me, both our heads in Mark's lap.

We breathe, relaxed, warm, perfect.