My life had been in chaos.

The only thing I could do was to "man up" and make things right.

So I did.

At 20 years old, I'd stumbled through a trades apprenticeship, killed my weekends drinking and partying, and managed to knock up my estranged girlfriend Beth. My parents never shamed me outright, but I could feel their deep concern. Beth's family on the other hand hated my guts, and the only way to repair things with her folks was with a ring.

I proposed to her with balloons and a smattering of friends capturing the moment on social media- the wedding itself was a negotiation with her parents, a quick city hall ceremony, but performed by a minister. As a wedding gift, our families had cobbled together a down payment on a house in the burbs, one town over from Beth's parents.

Best case scenario in a no-win situation for me I guess. Goddamned cock.

Looking at our engagement photos, you'd think we were the happiest kids in town. I was like a teenaged newscaster, gawky, with a big shit-eating grin on my face, my blonde hair perfectly styled. In our pictures, Beth smiled wide in the shots often laughing as she climbed up on my back or ran from me in a grassy field. I figure, we'd seen enough perfect couples online- we knew how to act.

In reality, though, we were two stupid fucking kids way over our heads, who barely knew ourselves, never mind each other. Two idiots stuck in the suburbs with a kid on the way, realizing the time for pretending had come to an end.

I don't think it took a month until we came to terms with how bad things were. For all the hashtag-couple goals we shared outwardly, we soon came to realize we were unfortunate roommates for the foreseeable future. Beth began going to bed earlier, me staying up later- our sex life non-existent. I started taking walks around the neighborhood to smoke a joint and get my head right for sleep, and that's when I came across "the mudroom".

I was burning late one night when I felt like taking a shortcut through a nearby park. Feeling myself, I climbed up on one of the wooden playground structures and laid beneath the stars, just smoking and contemplating what my life had become. Exhaling into the sky, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine a happier time.

I drifted back to when I first met Beth, to our first fuck. My cock thickened at the memory before thoughts of fatherhood crashed the party. I hated myself for fucking up this bad.

It was then I heard a noise and swung my head around to a neighboring house. I was dizzy but could just make out the details of someone's yard. I saw a dimly lit door on the side of an attached garage, my elevation gave me a clear view of the path through their garden. This house had a gate onto the park, which was left slightly ajar. My eyes narrowed as I tried to find the source of the noise- an animal perhaps? Maybe the wind had swung the gate open.

Instead, I slowly realized that the side door to the garage was being unlocked. I rolled over on the platform I'd been laying on and tried to remain as quiet and still as possible. Everything from this point on seemed to move as a fog. Blame the weed or the horniness, but as the door in the yard swung open I swear I could see the body of a naked man inside, pressed to the wall, a hole beside him streaming light into the room as another guy made his exit.

The man who was leaving looked to be in his mid-thirties, and seemed to be shrugging on a polo shirt. I scanned his face for any sort of recognition, but my eyes were drawn to the unzipped bulge in the front of his pants. What the fuck was I witnessing here?

I shook my head as I collected my weed-addled thoughts. This was a normal suburb, right? This was a regular old house. Looked like everything else in the neighborhood, didn't have a red light or anything sleazy about it. Had my hormones just imagined some insane scenario, or did I just see a dude leaving a glory hole?

I split my observation between the stranger who had left and the side door on the garage. The dude just continued walking on the sidewalk until he disappeared from view, while the door remained closed. I was dying of curiosity now. For whatever reason, I was convinced I had stumbled across a real live glory hole. This was the kind of shit my friends and I would tease each other about back in high school- never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would see one. I lay there on my stomach for five minutes, waiting for any sort of movement. Then ten became fifteen- but I was immovable. I had to see this guy come out.

Losing attention to the clock, the side door finally jiggled as it unlocked, and an older man crept out into the garden. He was bald and wore a windbreaker and khaki pants. He had slipped out with such ease, I couldn't even see a sliver inside. My eyes followed him as he peacefully walked to a parked car and drove off.

His departure left me alone with the park, with the yard, with the side door to that mystery garage. All I could do was stare at the door and imagine what was on the other side. Realizing my joint had burned about halfway down, I knocked off the ash and licked my fingers before extinguishing it. That was all it took for my body to spur into motion. I slipped off the playground equipment without a second thought and made my way to the gate. There was no sober second thought, or fear at that point, just a blitzed-out loser with a hard-on making his move. I closed the gate behind me, oddly feeling safe by doing so. I hadn't a clue what was on the other side of the one door, but I may have given myself some security from the rear.

My body felt a jolt of electricity as I touched the doorknob- I was filled with adrenalin believing I was about to bust in on something illicit, not even thinking of what I might be offered. The door swung open before me and the pungent smell of sweat and sex filled my nostrils. I stood there like an idiot staring at everything. The tiny room was painted black with wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling and a roll of paper towel placed on a stool. A bulk box of condoms had been torn open and placed along a wall stud next to a pump bottle of lube. There were two long ovals cut into plywood on one wall, both currently covered. I bent over to look at them, noticing the edges had been padded with some dark vinyl. Hearing a little commotion, my eyes darted up to the corner of the ceiling, where I saw a small security camera.

"Shut the fucking door" A voice growled out at me, suddenly breaking my confidence.

I wanted to run, but my brain was somewhere else and my hand was being obedient. I pushed the door closed, noticing the big metal latch and struggling to set it in place. I was young and stupid and high, taking orders had become the norm now- so this wasn't much different from the rest of my life.

"Well? Are we doing this or not?"

I looked at the hole on the left, where the voice seemed to be coming from. My cock was fully upright and suddenly rather uncomfortable in confinement.

"Uh, yeah-yuh, I'm uh..." words stumbled out of my head as I worked open the zipper on my jeans. Still unable to free my erection, I undid my belt and opened my pants in the dark. As if on cue, a red light flickered on, and I felt emboldened. Delicately thumbing at the waistband of my boxer briefs, I pulled the fabric over the head of my cock and put myself on display inside the mudroom. There was a moment of silence before the movement could be heard on the other side of the wall.

"You're supposed to take everything off, that's how it goes. Naked or nothing."

Part of the wall suddenly sprung out towards my feet, and I jumped back in alarm.

"You're new put all your shit in here so we can see if you're a cop before anything happens,"

"Oh, I'm not a cop-" I spat out, trying to be helpful.

"Strip and put everything in the drawer then... or get the fuck out,"

I held my posture for a minute, the only movement on my body being the pulse in my cock, as I weighed my options here. Again though, obedient hands beat a fogged brain, and I found myself pulling my shirt up over my head, and hopping around on one foot as I pulled my jeans off.

Trying to be as helpful as possible, I stupidly pulled out my wallet and splayed it open on top of my clothes. I stood there cold and naked as the drawer was pulled back into the wall. I yanked at my cock as my body drank in the scenario. I was naked and hard, in a tiny room being watched by strangers. I was young and built to fuck, but hadn't had my needs met in months. The red light and my nudity were the red flags in front of a bull. I was rarin' to go.

"Alright... Brian. Here's what I want you to do now," the panel behind one of the holes slid open abruptly, no light on behind it. "Step right up and put your hands through the wristbands above your head... go on."

I moved towards the hole gazing up at the leather straps on the wall. I put my arms through the restraints, noticing the handgrips on the other side. The straps were quickly pulled tight around my wrists, and I found myself fastened to the wall. My chest was drawn to the black plywood, and my groin pushed forward into the waiting hole. My heart rate quickened as I felt a hand cup my testicles.

"Good boy Brian, fuck -- look at the piece on this kid." I could feel another handwork my foreskin as my ball sack was gently pulled. I closed my eyes as the tongue work began.

I'll try to explain the feelings I was having at the time- but it will never replace the actual experience.

Completely naked in a stranger's mudroom, observed by a security camera and separated from every stitch of clothing and ID, here I was, tried to a wall, bucking into a hole.

It was completely aggravating, and nothing that I would have ever expected- what from all the glory hole porn I'd watched. I didn't have any power whatsoever. I wasn't simply sticking my cock into some whore's mouth and owning her throat- I had literally thrust myself into a stranger's trust.

So there I was, wildly humping about, trying to find every lick and nibble of my cock. They were an experienced pair behind the wall, reading how close I was and being delicate and deliberate with their actions. It was like being pulled back from the edge of fucking, cheating the mere idea of orgasm and arousing me deeper and deeper with every passing second.

There would be a brief period of work on my balls before I'd get deep throated, forcing a guttural moan from my belly. Then a mouth would slurp at my dick, getting me close to cumming, just as a hand would tug at my scrotum - the pain pulling me back to earth. It was an exhausting roller coaster of sensations, so much so that I barely realized when an arm reached out from the hole beside me to grip and pull at my ass.

"Oh god, please let me cum, fuck- I need to cum so bad, please just let me cum,"

"You fucking wanna cum little man, huh? Brian wants his daddy to suck his little cock does he?"

"Mmmm, yes- please. Please just let me cum,"

"Say it! Call me daddy!"

"Fdsfmg, fuuug- please daddy-"

"What does little Brian want?"

"Brian wants daddy to suck his little cock, pleeeeease Daddy, just let me cum"

A flurry of mouths and hands gobbled me up on the other side of the wall, and I pushed hard against the plywood trying to feel every last lick. I clenched my eyes shut and drooled on the wall as I felt my ass pulled open further. I was on my tippy toes as I finally hit my limit, bucking forward as I shot my load into a stranger's mouth.

My hands tightened on the grips as I shot 9 successive volleys of cum into the glory hole. I whimpered as my body slackened, pulling at the restraints. Mouths nursed my deflating penis as I drifted back to earth.

The voice behind the wall changed to a quieter, gentler tone- instructing me on how to extricate myself from the restraints as I shifted my weight around. The drawer pushed out of the wall with my clothes and I sat on the floor to get dressed. I could barely stand, I was so light-headed.

"So Brian, that was fun - are you good?"

I stifled a laugh as I pulled on my briefs. This was such a weird transaction. "Yuh, yeah- I'm -- thanks for that. Thank you, I-"

"Alright, you've got a lovely prick on you- we'd love to have you again... but there are rules okay?"

I nodded, before realizing the need to be vocal.

"Sure, of course-"

"We want to enjoy this, but respect everyone's anonymity, okay?"

I dressed in the red light as I listened to the detailed set of rules for the glory hole. They had a signal outside to let guys know they were open, there were rules about how to approach the hole, how to interact with other men we'd meet in the mudroom, and of course, a promise to never socialize or acknowledge each other if we met on the street. I consented to everything as I pulled my shoes on, with my hosts closing up and saying their goodbyes. They turned off the red light and I could hear them shuffle off into the house as I kneeled forward.

My face got close to the hole and my cock twitched as I momentarily began to imagine how it would be, on the other side of the wall.

* * * * * * *

I found myself able to wake up the next day guilt-free, mentally chalking up my visit to the glory hole as another adventure in weed. It's likely my mind would have drifted back to the mudroom the next time I went to rub one out, but as luck would have it- everything took a turn for the worse.

Beth had begun having stomach pains, then severe cramping. A trip to the emergency room one night revealed a mutual fear; she had miscarried.

It was a horrific array of emotions between the two of us within a very short period. The engagement and wedding had been a whirlwind, as had the move into the suburbs. I had barely spent any time at my new job when we lost the baby, but I felt the need to be with Beth as we processed things.

At first, there was the grief, and the mourning as you would expect with any young married couple starting out. But as the days passed and the tears dried, we slipped into a more contemplative mood. The whole reason why we had married and started a life together was because of the unexpected pregnancy- and now that wasn't a factor. I didn't know who I could talk to about it and waited for Beth to speak up. It was difficult because, before the miscarriage, we had begun to dislike one another- but the panic and the turmoil brought us closer together. I felt a protective instinct while we were in the emergency room, and found myself deeply concerned with Beth's well-being. Returning home broken and sorrowful left us moving- almost hourly- between intimacy and repulsion.

I guess the idea of the baby had been an excuse for us to be together, performing as a couple for everyone despite having no real connection. With such an instant change, what the fuck were we even doing? It was like freedom and disappointment at the same time, and I couldn't handle it. In the weeks that followed Beth and I fought and reconciled, some times playing at being husband and wife, other times completely withdrawn from one another. Again, bad roommates. One night in particular we'd had a few beers with dinner one Friday, and she came onto me super strong. She accused me of thinking her ugly and broken as she straddled me on the couch, demanding I fuck her. I was initially horrified and tried to deescalate things, but she started slapping me as she bounced up and down on my lap. My cock was hurting so I pushed her off and walked away. Beth ran up to the bedroom yelling insults about my manhood, and something flipped in me and I raced up after her.

She had removed her pants and laid slovenly on the duvet her mother had bought us, rubbing her mound and sneering at me.

"Can you even get it up anymore to fuck me?"

I unbuckled my belt and pushed my jeans and underwear to the floor, never breaking eye contact. The more she swore at me the harder my cock throbbed, and I crawled on the bed preparing to mount her. As my cock pushed inward, my hand went to her throat and I bore down on her tiny body.

I fucked her as a hole, wantonly ramming her cunt while staring at her dead-eyed. I just relentlessly pounded on her until I began to see the alarm in her eyes. The spell is broken, I guiltily withdrew my hand and slowed my pace. Never had I been so possessed before.

Caught off guard, and not doing my assigned task, Beth reared up and sent me flying backward. My dick remained inside her as the power dynamic changed, and I could feel her powerful thighs grip my waist. Now it was Beth who curled her fingers around MY throat as she raised and lowered herself on my erection.

The lack of oxygen and the pain from her ass repeatedly slamming down on my groin made me want the hate fuck more and more. I tried to thrust up into her, but Beth's eyes were wild, and she took control from me, moving to grind my cock against her g-spot.

"You fucking piece of shit, I fucking hate your tiny, useless cock. You can't even fuck me right-" her movements intensified as she spat out in anger at me, "Don't you dare fucking cum right now, don't you fucking dare!" Her hand moved to furiously mash away at her clit as she rode me, taking the time to swat at my hands as I went to grab her hips.

I was being used, with no desire to change the scenario.

Stifling a groan, I silently shot my load into Beth hoping she wouldn't notice. When the wetness became obvious, she cursed me under ragged breaths as she fapped away on herself.

"Fucking pathetic loser," She hissed, before hunching over in orgasmic convulsions. Almost immediately she flopped onto her back, releasing my cock and bringing her knees up to her chest as she cupped her groin. Her face moved from anguish to relief as she lay there with eyes closed, briefly shuddering.

For my part, I lay perfectly still, holding my sensitive cock in hand while feeling my cum drip along my sides.

This would be as close as we'd get in a long time.

* * * * * * *

The next two months left Beth and I resigned to our fates, locked in a silent game of chicken waiting for the other person to crack and walk away first. We had put on the show of a happy young married couple for too many people to just call it quits- someone had to be the villain.

Our mutual coping strategy was booze and avoidance. She went to yoga classes with girlfriends, and I doubled down on video games. By the time her erratic sleep schedule settled down, we grew further apart as night and day people.

It was late one night when I found myself in the downstairs powder room, jerking off to a lingerie catalog, that I said fuck this. I put on my jacket and fished out a joint from the inside pocket. I was headed back to the park for a smoke, and if I was lucky - the mudroom was open.

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

At least once a week for the next sixth months, I would visit my glory hole friends. While I had never seen them out in public, neighborhood chatter informed me that they were an aging gay couple, both named Alan (different spellings). They were described in politely feminine terms and seen as largely harmless old guys. For whatever reason, their successful facade made our activities that much hotter.

Typically, I would take my midnight smoke and stroll while Beth was sleeping- walking to the park and looking to see if the Alans had turned on their garden lamp outside. That was the signal, a dotty old patio light speared in amongst the bushes they could turn on from the house. When it came time for my visits though, I'd selfishly twist the light as I passed, loosening the bulb and extinguishing the signal. I had remembered seeing two men in the mudroom that first night and was determined to keep my sessions solo and on the down-low.

The way I saw it, I wasn't gay. I was just getting my dick sucked. My wife gave up on sex, so I was getting my rocks off elsewhere. No harm no foul. Whatever bullshit I moaned over in the mudroom, whatever scenarios I ran around in my head in that space- that was all cosmic sex brain doing whatever I needed to get off. Having another dude beside me in the holes, would not only kill the vibe but possibly end my suburban house dad life as I knew it.

So I always twisted the bulb, turned off the light, and closed up the shop behind me before I went inside.

It was the selfishness that did me in though.

Thinking I was the only guy in town who needed relief, who watched for the signal- who looked for other men before visiting the mudroom. That was my downfall.

It was a muggy autumn evening when I posted up in the park, eyeing Alan's yard. The light was on, and I didn't see any movement nearby, so I casually strolled through the gate with my head on a swivel. I reached down and twisted the bulb lose, carefully creeping up on the door straining to hear any noise from within. My hand turned the knob and I took one last glance around before stepping inside.

As usual, the red light came on with automatic sensors and I could see the clothes drawer hanging open near the floor. Before disrobing I went to lock the door - which should have been my first tip-off that things weren't normal. The metal latch was like the ones in a bathroom stall, but wider- except it no longer went its full length, no matter how hard to push. Its tip just barely reached across the door frame. I sighed but reasoned -half erect in my boxer briefs- that the signal light being off would keep me safe enough. Taking my time, I stripped down to my socks and loosely folded my clothes in the drawer. A few tugs on my dick to prime the pump and I stepped up to the hole, weaving my hands through the restraints and onto the grips above my head. I waited for the voice behind the wall, and the panel to slide open and take my cock.

I could only imagine how things would have looked on the security camera, but in my head, everything moved in slow motion. I'd jumped at the first noise, the latch banging against its clasp- someone wanted in. The second push breached the mudroom, with the door swinging wide open, exposing my naked body to the outside world.

The man behind the intrusion was a tall, slender shadow who seemed to step inside and kick the clothes drawer shut in a single motion. I had reflexively tried to yank my hands down out of the restraints, but even loose they were a struggle to escape and before I had the chance to protect myself, the stranger had clamped his mitts over the straps.

"112 Forrester Lane, right?" He recited my address at me, less a question than an assertion of his impending dominance. I was chilled. Close up and now in the red light I could see his face, he was young like me. I think I... I think I knew him.

My mind raced as I filled with sheer terror. Where were the Alans? How did this guy know where I lived? What the fuck had I just done to my life? I bucked against the wall with my groin hoping to get the attention of the homeowners, my captor slid in behind me with his hands still keeping my wrists in restraint.

"You're fucking hot, know that?" His body covered my back and I could feel his erection settling between my cheeks. My eyes closed as I felt his unwanted embrace.

"Who are you, what do you want?" I whispered. His body pushed me flat against the wall as his lips nuzzled in behind my ear.

"I've seen you at the convenience store, but I never thought you were the type to show up here" He gently kissed my neck, melting my resistance. "You gonna be good if I let go of your hands, or is there gonna be a problem?"

I hesitated, before resigning myself to the situation. My clothes were gone behind the wall, my keys too. The Alans hadn't shown up and even if I fought my way outside I would be completely naked. I just had to stall. The only safety I felt was in the vague recollection of this kid working at the gas station. If I could place him there, he was at least traceable.

"Please don't hurt me,"

"Nah, I'm not here to hurt you champ- just the opposite. Just relax." He slid his hands over my shoulder blades and across my sides, reaching up to caress my chest. Despite an inch or two in our heights, I felt small and delicate in his touch. Resting my forehead against the plywood, I quietly made a request.

"Please don't fuck me, I just came for a blow job," He kept caressing me as he laid kisses down my spine. His body lowered as his hands rested atop my glutes.

"You been greedy dude, I've seen you with the light. That's a shit movie. I dunno how many times I showed up and left hard cuz the light was off. That all you?"

Caught up in my crazy little life, I'd been unaware of just how small the neighborhood was. Of course- this guy had seen me come and go from Alan's mudroom. He knew I was a local from the convenience store. He must have trailed me home. All this time I'd thought I was keeping myself hidden, but to a guy like this- I operated in plain sight.

"I'll suck your dick,"

I couldn't believe my own ears. My offer hung in the silence as the stranger continued to touch my body.

"We'll get there bro, we got time,"

His hands squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling them apart as he let out an appreciative moan. I could feel his breath on my puckered hole and began to feel self-conscious about his face being down there. It's funny how I was caught in this predicament, yet still embarrassed about my ass being dirty.

The first time I felt his tongue on my anus I found myself up on my tiptoes, clenching the handgrips on the wall. My whole body tingled from that epicenter, and as he continued licking at my backside all my preconceived notions about ass play fell away. I stuttered and cursed under my breath, frustrated at the situation I was in and at the pleasure I was experiencing. He had made my ass so wet, I could barely feel it when he alternated between his tongue and his fingers. The moment I felt a deeper, probing pain- his tongue would snake into my hole and wiggle around, sending me into fits.

In a momentary pause, my assailant removed his mouth from my taint and twisted my body so he could see my hard, dripping cock.

"No complaints there, I see," He laughed as he grabbed my penis and brought it to his mouth. He engulfed my shaft and pulled it from his mouth like a popsicle with a satisfying slurp. I got weak in the knees, relying on the restraints to keep me upright as the man stumbled to his feet. He moved his hand back to my ass, penetrating me with a fucking motion while moving around behind me.

"We're close now - what's your name 112 Forrester?"

"Brad, my name's Brad," I spat out the lie so easily it surprised me. It was also pointless if he knew where I lived. Maybe my brain had split at the moment, and I'd invented a character who likes having his ass eaten out. Maybe that was Brad.

"Well, Brad, I'm Charlie - nice to fucking meet you," The hand was removed from my hole, and I could hear clothing being removed. A shirt dropped to the floor, then Charlie shuffled around as he kicked off his shoes and got out of his sweats. I found myself scared speechless, knowing, fearing what was about to come next.

Before tonight, I'd never considered having my ass played with. It was never an erogenous zone for me. The closest I'd ever come was when Beth would grab it with both hands and pull me in while fucking. Or... when one of the Alans would reach through the other hole in the wall to massage a cheek. Now after getting a tongue bath from Charlie, it became another kind of desire.

I was horrified at the idea of getting fucked, but once I was in the situation I deeply wanted it to happen. The last time I'd had sex with Beth it was hateful and angry- she called me a pathetic loser and demeaned my cock, and that hate just turned me on more. In all the stupidity of our childish mistakes, the marriage, the keeping up of appearances - punishment felt like freedom. I wanted to own the mistakes, pay the price- I wanted to feel used and broken.

Charlie was slower his movements now, stepping over to the stool and pump bottle of lube. I felt relief hearing him tear open a condom, and held my breath waiting for him to close the gap between us.

"You ready?" His voice had softened now as he spread the cold lube over my hole, pushing it inside me with a finger. He would withdraw his hand, add more lube and push more into my rectum. "I'll go slow, you'll like it," I could feel the breath of his body across my back, feel the warmth of his skin. He positioned the head of his cock at my entrance, pushing its spongy head against my backside looking for access. My puckered hole gave way and let him slowly work his way inside of me. A tiny yelp escaped me the moment I felt pain, and to his credit, Charlie would inch back before gently trying again.

"Shhh, shh, shhh- it's okay, it's normal- just push out like you're taking a shit,"

I bit my lip and closed my eyes as I concentrated on the task at hand, I didn't want to take a shit on this guy's dick. What the fuck would he do if-

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh," I'd done as he asked, and suddenly found his cock buried to the hilt in my guts. My whole body tensed and my jaw hung agape while we just stood there engaged. My insides radiated with a mix of pleasure and pain, and after a few moments of stillness, I think we were both surprised when I started moving my ass around on Charlie's stiff cock.

Hands went to my hips as I gave way to Charlie's growing thrusts. While I had once been slack against the plywood wall, I was now bent in half, legs spread and presenting myself to this stranger. His fucking grew more intense, and I felt my eyes water as my body began to accept the pain. Charlie's vigor ebbed and flowed while I took the ride, it was only when my shoulders began cramping up that I spoke to interrupt.

"Hey- hey... can we stop..." His face was suddenly next to mine as his thrusting slowed. "I'm just- sore... can I uh... lay down?"

"Uh, yeah- sure," Charlie panted at me, clearly a little spent.

In some ways, it felt natural, but given the nature of our meeting- it should have been a bit tenser as Charlie withdrew his cock and helped me out of the restraints. He was gentle, almost nurturing as he rubbed my arms and shoulders to get some blood back in them. I turned to face him for the first time and found myself enraptured.

He was indeed my age, if not slightly younger. His skin was of a darker shade, and his hair a pile of messy knots. His eyes were big and caring, lips full and inviting. I felt comfortable with the intimacy between us, suddenly no longer craving the pain and the anger. He too seemed to lose something now as we gazed at each other.

The power of the unknown, the surprising dominance, it all fell away. It took a few seconds, but the kiss was imminent. My hand went to the stubble on the back of his neck as he pulled me in, our tongues tangled up. His mouth pushed the tastes of my body onto me, and I swear I could taste my own cock. I wrapped myself around him as we kissed, our erections mashing together in an embrace. He began to ease us downward and onto the floor without breaking contact. When we did, it was him on his knees and me on my back looking up at him in amazement. Charlie hunched over, focussing on the condom that now hung loosely on his dick. Frustrated, he pulled it off with a snap, lunging over me to grab another, while pulling at himself to stay erect.

It was a pause in the action that could have taken me out of things, but I found his body alluring. Charlie was tall and skinny but had a broadening hairless chest with dark brown nipples. A tiny belly folded over his pubes, his prick looking large amongst the tight curls. Sheathed once again, he inched up on me and I scooted down to meet him. My knees spread under his arms like it was the most natural thing to do. While he began to push into me, I got lost watching the concentration on his face.

Bit by bit Charlie filled my familiar hole, and I locked my legs behind his back as I closed my eyes and waited for the fuck to begin. His hands gripped my pelvis as he began to build a rhythm, sending my hands up over my head as I covered my face and relented to the pounding. My cock, which had begun things erect, had shrunken and wildly flapped against my belly as we rocked on the floor. I felt the warmth of his body as Charlie laid on top of me, opening my arms to a clinch as our lips met once more. I discovered that kissing while being fucked was tricky so I gripped the back of his head while whispering into his mouth.

We slowed again as Charlie caught his breath, sitting upright and taking the time to pull my legs up to his chest. I could just barely detect a smile on his face for the first time and tried to reciprocate. He slung my knees over his shoulders signaling a final assault.

Charlie held my thighs behind his wiry forearms and began to pepper my ass with strong, deliberate thrusts. The pain returned causing me to yelp every time the head of his cock struck my prostate, my bottom half suddenly tingling and feeling light. I bit at the back of my wrist and held it in my teeth as Charlie sped up and began fucking me in earnest. Through slitted eyes I watched this young man puff his chest and prove his manhood, his face scrunched up as he railed me on the dirty floor of the glory hole. I wanted to watch him cum but was lost in the heat of the moment when he started a growl. I arched my back as he thrust one last time and let loose inside of me. Charlie held himself for a moment before speedily pounding my hole, chasing the edge of his waning orgasm. I reached back and pushed against the wall, trying to keep him inside of me while he slowed to a stop. He carefully withdrew, leaving me cold and empty as he stumbled to his feet. I curled up on my side, grabbing at my soft cock and yearning for some reciprocation as my sore hole closed. I reached underneath to delicately feel around for any blood but found myself tickling my anus. By the time I looked up, Charlie had put on his shirt and was opening the door. He looked back at me with slight panic and escaped into the night.

The cold breeze from outside came to me as a shock, smacking me awake to the realities of the situation.

I'd just been fucked by a stranger. Left naked and used on the scummy floor of a glory hole. My life, my world as a young husband just a few blocks away. I was suddenly disgusted with myself, my entire body burned with shame as I crawled up onto my knees trying to figure out my escape. I had let my shitty life and my libido bring me to the mudroom, thinking I could just get off without consequences. Beth was right, I WAS a pathetic fucking loser. I was going to be a father before... now I was a hole for some closet case to fuck.

Sinking back against the wall, I tried to collect myself. I needed to get out of here. First

As if on cue, the clothes drawer pushed open with a scraping sound. I nearly jumped out of my skin before realizing I'd have my clothes now. I scrambled over on all fours and saw everything in a pile as I'd left it. I sighed in relief and had begun to pull everything out onto the floor when I heard wood scraping on wood again.

Looking to my left I noticed that one of the holes had opened. There was no light behind it this time. Were the Alans here all along? Had they been watching everything? I felt embarrassed, I was the straight guy who came to get his cock sucked, and now I was on camera getting fucked. What the-

A cock appeared through the hole. Long and thick with pronounced veins, I could see the stubbled groin behind it through the wall. If there was any question about what the Alans had seen or thought of me now, I figured this was it.

I eyed the pile of my clothes on the floor, knowing I was free to leave. But I also looked at the cock being served to me through the glory hole.

I'd only ever wanted to get off, to get my cock sucked. I'd been telling myself I wasn't gay the whole time... I sat there thinking about Beth and our future, then to Charlie as he fucked me, then to Charlie as he kissed me- I was confused. The hate, the anger, the moments of...tenderness.

My eyes returned to the cock in the wall, and I slowly crawled over to it.

This pathetic fucking loser wanted it in his mouth. I opened wide and...

* * * * * * *

"Ya man, if she's showing up I'll come - but I'm not making any promises." Dominic fiddled with his name tag as he chuckled to his friend on the phone. "No man, if she's actually down for it... heh, you know what I'm saying,"

An older man with glasses approached the register with a carton of milk. Dominic nodded at him and removed the phone from his ear.


The change was organized on the counter as Dom passively listened to his friend on the phone.

Ding. "Thank you, sir, you have a good day," The old guy grabbed his milk and left. Dominic shot a glance out to the pumps. He caught a reflection of himself in the glass and straightened his posture. A mom approached the cash asking for cigarettes as the door beeped with another shopper.

"Hey dude, it's getting busy here, I'll ring later. Cool. Ya. See ya," He pocketed his phone and watched a group of kids stream inside the store laughing and joking. He mentally tagged them as prospective shoplifters and cashed out the mom and her cigarettes.

"Thank you! Have a nice day." He called after her, tracking the store for the kids. They were goofing off by the magazines and he eyed them as someone walked up to the counter.

When Dominic turned to look at the customer his face blushed and he felt the shame of being caught. Trapped behind the counter, unsure of what was about to happen he just stood there staring. The man across from him was about his age, if not a bit older. He had good hair and a sweet-looking face. Even dressed, it was obvious he had a nice body.

But Dominic already knew this.

The man was looking back at him with a mixture of bravado and fear, like a boy asking his girlfriend to prom. A nervous grin broke on his face as he spoke.

"Charlie, is it?"

He moved his hand from the counter, drawing Dom's attention to his purchase. A box of condoms.