"Hola! Como Esta?" Said the absolutely gorgeous front desk attendant at my all-inclusive Mexican resort. She had a beaming white smile under her tanned skin and athletic figure.

"Good...well bien! Y Tu?" I asked as I smiled back and walked up to the front desk.

I set my bag down and went through the check-in process. It was hot and I was already sweating from the hotel transport ride from the hotel. But this was going to be a really good week of vacation, I could already feel it!

I gave my credit card and signed for my room key after a few minutes and she asked if I would like someone to take my bags up to the room with me.

I said yes please and slung my backpack over my shoulder while an attendant nearby came over. I smiled at him and couldn't help but check out this hunk of a man that came over. He was maybe an inch or two taller than me but weighted at least 50 pounds more. His arms and legs looked squeezed in the too-tight hotel clothing. His muscular glutes protruded on his crisp white pants along with a big bulge. His arms, chest, and belly stretched out the white polo up top.

So far it seemed like the staff would provide me plenty to check out on my solo journey if not the other patrons!

"Follow me please sir." He said in a low voice with very broken English before grabbing my suitcase and hoisting it up like it was as heavy as a single feather.

I followed him through the lobby and up the stairs to my second-floor room. Occasionally glancing down and admiring his big, strong ass. I know it's rude to ogle someone at their job, but damn!

I slipped my key card in the door and opened it. I stepped inside and held the door for him as he walked past. The smell of his cologne mixed with his sweat from being in the hot made me stir a little in my pants.

He placed my bag down next to the kitchen bar and turned to smile at me. Again in very broken English, "Here you go, need anything, I will very much be looking forward to helping you, sir."

"I hope so!" I said smiling and blushing hard. God, I'm a fool I thought as he stepped past me. I might have been imagining it but I thought maybe I saw his eyes check me out too?

I closed the door and let out a deep sigh. Finally felt like I could relax. I kicked off my sandals and immediately stripped down to nothing. The cool air from the fan felt so good on my hot skin. I then wandered around and took in the room.

In my suite, I had a balcony with a hot tub with enough room for just two people that overlooked the pool and the ocean, a kitchen bar with a fully stocked mini-fridge, a couch facing the only tv, and beyond that was the bedroom. I walked through the closet to get to the massive bedroom! A big king-sized bed with fluffy white sheets and spread. And then the bathroom with another hot tub and a shower.

I smiled to myself as I cracked open a cold Pacifico from the minibar. Yeah, this place is alright I thought laughing to myself as I brought my bag into the bedroom and placed my clothes on racks or in the drawers.

I walked back out to the living room and grabbed some sunscreen to cover myself before heading down to the pool. I covered myself in lotion, checking in the full-length mirror that I was getting everywhere. My pale skin wasn't super conducive to spending hours in the hot Mexican sun.

I grabbed my red Speedo from my bedroom and slipped it on over my butt and adjusted my cock inside. I turned in front of the mirror and checked myself out. Damn, I look good! I thought as I finished the Pacifico and tossed some sunglasses on to head down to the pool.

It was only around 11 am but there were several people out already! And man what an inclusive resort too I thought as I drifted around the pool bar and sipped several margaritas, meeting and chatting a little with the people from the resort. There was a lesbian couple, several straight middle-aged couples, a group of college-aged guys and girls that were already drunk, and a super hot interracial couple with big muscles and a big booty.

The sun was baking me and everyone else around 3 pm and I was feeling like maybe I should have taken it a little easier on the drinks when I caught sight of the attendant who carried my bags up to my room and I figured what the hell, I'm not even in my home country, no one will remember me so might as well hit on everyone!

I slipped out of the water and made my way over to where he was folding towels. My body was dripping wet when I got next to him.

"He is one of those for me?" I asked smiling up at him.

He turned and smiled at me and this time I was sure of it. His eyes drifted down my whole, wet body.

"Of course here you go." He said handing me a towel.

"Thanks, I'm not sure if my room had towels in them, maybe you could pop up and check?" I said kinda licking my lips and then biting my lower lip. I'd say I hope I was being obvious enough but I'm sure after 5 margaritas I was being plenty obvious!

"Of course anything else you may need?" He said with a small gleam in his eye, I'm pretty sure my point had gotten across.

"Um well, maybe a bottle of champagne if there isn't any in the mini-fridge? I can only have so many margaritas in a row!" I said with a laugh that he returned.

"Of course, I will bring one special for you uno momento."

"Looking forward to it!" I said with one last smile before walking around him and into the lobby towards my room. I was sure he was watching me walk away so I slipped the towel from my waist and threw it over my shoulders so my butt was in a good view.

I made it to my room, a little stumbling to be honest, and shut the door behind me. I slipped off my speedo and let it fall to the floor in the entryway and went into the bathroom to run the shower.

I stepped into the steaming hot water and rinsed off all of the pool water and sunscreen and scrubbed myself clean inside and out.

I pulled on a white robe with nothing underneath and stepped into the living room right as I heard a knock on the door. I went and opened the door just like before and held it open for him. I just realized I didn't even know his name and here I was about to try and let him fuck me! God, I can be a whore sometimes!

He smiled at me as he passed me and looked down at the speedo on the floor. I shut the door and smiled as I walked over to him. I was able to check him out again as his side was to me as he popped open the champagne. Other than what I mentioned earlier, he had a very short haircut that was trimmed nicely, a close clean-shaven face, and his arms and face at least what I could see had a deep tan with his brown skin. His arms, legs, hands, and body were meaty and thick you could tell he was a very strong, healthy man. While being large he moved with an athletic gait.

I smiled and went next to him as he finished pouring one glass and then he turned and nodded at me.

"You aren't going to make me drink alone are you?" I asked him as I leaned against the kitchen bar and gestured towards the empty second glass.

"I am at work..." he trailed off and smiled at me. Again that broken English accent was so sexy.

"Isn't that the point? It's not fun if you can't be naughty while working!" I said which made him laugh.

He poured himself a glass and I raised mine so we could clink our glasses. Our eyes were locked onto one another while we drained the glasses like a shot.

"Wow!" He exclaimed which made me laugh.

"Uno mas?" I asked him innocently enough.

"Si, no mas." He said smiling as he poured us another two glasses. I casually played with and loosened the tie around my waist on the robe while he did.

He handed me my glass and I clinked glasses again as we rose to drink. My loosened robe fell open to just above my cock. I finished my drink and set it down as he choked on his and his eyes stared at my exposed chest and abs.

"Estas tentado?" I whispered to him.

I heard him gulp and his eyes meet mine again. "Si, si, si muy..." he said as he stepped towards me and closed the distance. Before uttering another word I felt his wet, hot lips on mine.

My arms wrapped around him as he did to me and our bodies pressed together in the hot air. I kissed him back just as hard as his big lips pressed onto mine. I gasped as I felt his mouth open up and our tongues crash together. My robe was completely undone now.

My cock was half hard and pressed against his strong hips. I smiled as he pushed my robe open and then reached down and grabbed my ass with his big hands. I felt even more naked than I truly was he was still dressed. I had to fix that.

I reached down and pulled his shirt out of his pants and pulled it up over his head and threw it to the side. Our lips were broken for a moment but came together harder after the pause. I felt his big body pressed into me and I felt him pushing me back against the wall.

I fell down again and undid his belt as my butt bumped into the wall. After I undid his belt, his hands gripped my wrists and tugged them up and he pinned them next to my head. He smiled at me and I could see a horny hunger in his eyes as my body was exposed to him.

My cock was rock hard and pointing straight out now as he pinned me to the wall. His lips found mine again and he kissed me deeply. His tongue pressed further into my mouth like he was devouring me.

Then my breath was ragged as he tore away from my lips and dropped his head into my neck. I felt his lips suck hard and pull on my skin as he gave me a hickey I was powerless to stop. Then he dropped his head down again. Then time pulled my hands down to my waist height and pinning them to the wall there. His lips found my nipples next and sucked hard.

I squirmed and whimpered as he pulled them into his mouth. I was going to be bruised there too I bet! My legs quaked as he drew my sensitive pink nipples deep into his lips and then released me with a pop before repeating on the other side.

After he popped off of my other nipple he released my wrists and rose up to kiss me again. Our tongues slipped again around each other and his hands went and finished unzipping his white pants. He stepped back and broke our kiss as he kicked his sandals off and then pulled his pants down to his ankles.

He wasn't wearing underwear and I could see his big, beautiful cock release and then bounce between his thick thighs.

"Ay Dios Mio..." I whispered out as his throbbing Mexican cock stared at me. His hand wrapped around the base and pointed it to me. He had to have been at least 9 inches and was twice as thick as me.

"Te gusta?" He said slightly shaking his rod up and down with his hand and smirking at me.

"God yes, fuck yes." I stammered out as my shock wore off. I wasn't expecting a porn star in my room my first day!

"Si, si chupa mi polla, chupapollas."

I wasn't sure what that meant but I'm sure by the way he held his cock and stood with his other hand on his hip he wanted me to suck him. And I didn't need much convincing!

I slipped my butt down the wall until I was on my knees, pushing my robe out so it wouldn't catch on me. And shuffled forward the couple of feet between us. He released his cock and I wrapped my white hands around his thick brown cock and held him at his base. I needed both of my hands for his monster!

"Si si muy Bueno..." he mumbled above me a low moan.

I reached my lips up and planted them onto the underside of his cockhead and let my lips roll around as my tongue poked through and tickled his sensitive underside.

I felt his big hands cradle my head as I used my hands to point his cock down and then repeat the tongue action on the top of his cock head.

"Good...bien..." he moaned and with that, I slipped my lips around his head and poked my tongue around and around his whole head. I heard him shudder and his whole thick body shake as I held his cockhead in my lips and used my tongue to lick and caress every inch of his head.

I felt him tense up and I could tell he wasn't going to last long. He must've been really pent up!

I slipped my lips further down his shaft and then laid my tongue along his underside and held him inside of me. His cockhead pressed against my throat. I held him there and then pulled up to his tip and back down. Holding him again at the deepest point. His breath was heavy above me and I could feel his hands gripping my head a little harder.

I slipped back to just the tip and opened my mouth as I looked up at him with his cock resting on my tongue. I was drooling down my chin with how thick he was when he filled up my mouth. I lifted my hands from his base and started to stroke him fast and hard while his cock rested on my tongue.

His muscles tensed and I felt his legs shake as I stroked him long and fast with both of my hands on his shaft. We were staring into each other's eyes as I pressed him to orgasm. My eyes surely showed that I desperately wanted him to cum.

He must have had a sight too. Looking down at me on my knees. His big cock was stroked with both of my smaller white hands while his head rested on my tongue and got stimulated there. My body was barely covered by a robe with my cock diamond hard and pointing straight into the air.

My hands were flying up and down this mammoth cock as he became more audible. Groans and moans filled the air and soon he was mumbling out that he was going to cum. I felt his hand reach down and move mine as he took over and stroked his cock to his orgasm. His free left hand gripped my hair and held me in place as he pointed his cock at me just inches away. I could tell this stud was about to cum all over me.

Finally, his breath caught in his throat and I stared at his cock like it was the barrel of a gun. I saw his head bulge up and I closed my eyes as I felt his cum spray over my face.

I kept my mouth open and his hot cum shot onto my tongue and over my eyelids and cheeks and my chin. I was drenched. He was mumbling words in Spanish that I didn't know as he finished his cumshot all over me. His cum dripped down my face and over my chin and down onto my cock, robe, and body.

He grew restless as his cock was spent and he leaned forward and dragged his cockhead and shaft over my face and then pushed it into my mouth. I sucked him dry and swallowed his salty seed. Then he pulled out and handed me a washcloth and I cleaned out my eyes so I could open them.

I stood up and was met by his arms wrapped around me and kissing me again. My tongue was bullied by his. I moaned into his mouth as his hands found my butt again. But this time he pulled me into the air and sat me down onto the kitchen bar counter. I moaned as he slipped his tongue from my mouth and then onto my neck again and down to my sore nipples.

I wrapped my arms around his head as he made love to my sensitive nipples. He was much gentler this time after he came. But soon his lips left there too and went down to my abs where he kissed me and I was moaning as my cock ached and pulsed, begging to be touched.

Finally, my Mexican lover dipped his head one last time and I felt his warm lips slide over my cock. I swear my eyes were in the back of my head now as I was so desperate to have this hunk make me orgasm.

"God yes senor yes..." I stammered out as he slipped his lips and tongue over me gracefully. Getting my hard dick super wet and then sliding up and down my length. His nose pressed into my stomach as he drew every inch of me into his mouth. I guess it's easier to deepthroat right away when you don't have a horse cock staring you down!

I moaned and watched the back of his head while he sucked my cock, stimulating every inch of me. I moaned and his head bobbed up and down and up and down. And soon I was telling him I was going to cum!

I watched his head bob up and down one more time and then hold me in his mouth as I came for him. His strong hands holding my hips. My hands wrapped around his head and my legs and body shook as I erupted into his mouth.

My balls tightened and relaxed as he swallowed me. And then he lifted up and sucked my tip hard to get the last of my cum out and rose his head up to kiss me. I felt my cum on his tongue as he pushed it into me and I shared my orgasm with him. My cum slipped from between our mouths and dripped down my chin and onto my body.

I moaned into our kiss as we held each other. My legs wrapped around his large body. My arms wrapped around his broad shoulders.

Our lips broke and he whispered "muy Bien, muy bien. Muy Caliente." Then he stepped back a half step and looked down at his cock which was maybe half hard but I could tell he was stiffening again.

He looked up at me and shook his hips and his cock slapped against his thighs. "Uno mas?"

"Si no mas..." I said smiling as I leaned forward and kissed him again. I got off of the counter and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch.

I giggled as he manhandled me into my own room. I was ready to be split in two by this stud.

We stood by the couch and he kissed me again before using his hands to push me onto my knees facing the back of the couch. He sank down onto his knees on the floor and he flipped my robe up onto my back like it was a skirt.

I smiled and laid my head on my arms as I felt him grope my exposed ass. His face inches from my hole as he admired me. I heard him saying words in Spanish I didn't know like 'Pequena puta' and 'cono sexy'. At least the second one I knew he was complimenting me!

I felt his hot breath draw closer and his hands spread my ass open for him and his tongue poke onto me. I whined as he started to lick me softly at first. My ass felt like electricity was shooting through me. I gave myself up to him as he licked me up and down. Then side to side. Then in circles. Then he was pushing his tongue in and out of me. His hands holding my ass spread open for him the whole time.

I whimpered as he pulled away and that whimper gave way to a cry as he smacked my ass on each cheek firmly.

"Buen Culo Blanco..." he said as he smacked me again firmly. Then he dipped down and licked me more. I was so wet for him. His saliva was dripping down the inside of my thighs.

Then he pulled away again. I felt his hands grip my shoulders and push them down a little more. My ass raised up to him like a reflex. This is what I wanted and where I belonged for him. I am on my hands and knees waiting for his big dick.

He lubed his cock with the lube I had brought and finally, I was breathless as I felt his large cock head resting against my hole. He pressed his shaft into my cheeks and pushed them together as he stroked himself. Then he positioned his cock again and I drew in a deep breath and relaxed as he entered me.

He stretched me out deeply as he pressed into me. His large cock took a few minutes to spread me out and make my little butt accept him. More lube and time was needed but eventually, he had bottomed out in me. I could feel his large rod impaling me and his big balls resting on my thighs. I cried out for him to fuck me and boy did he!

Long, powerful strokes he gave my ass as his dick touched every pleasure spot inside of me. I was practically in tears of pleasure as he fucked me raw and hard.

My hands gripped the couch as my cock stiffened again. I stroked myself till I was close and then stopped so I could orgasm from just his thrusts.

After about ten minutes of him plowing me doggy style, I felt like I was going to collapse and asked to ride him.

He drew his long cock out of me and I practically fell over I was weak from being fucked in that position for that hard. I struggled to my feet and we kissed before I directed him to the bedroom.

He laid down and I shrugged the robe off finally to be completely nude. I climbed into bed next to him and re-lubed his cock and then straddled his big body. I slipped his enormous cock into me and slid down to his balls in one go making my whole body shudder and twitch and he yelled out in pleasure.

I rocked back and forth and let his cock fill me up again and again and held my hands on his big chest as his hands gripped my hips and ass. I let my ass raise up and bounce on him as he groaned that he was getting close again.

"I want you to fucking breed my white ass!" I moaned back to him as I rode his big dick.

He just howled as I rode him into his orgasm. His cock pulsed as he drenched my insides this time. I squeezed my ass around him and milked him of every drop he had left as he bred me.

Our faces were red and our bodies hot and sweaty from the Mexican air he pressed his hips up and I swear his dick entered me another two inches. I squealed as he lifted up into a bridge pose and my knees and legs left the bed and I sat in mid-air on this monster cock that was filling me up while my legs shook like mad.

He let me down and I lifted up off of him and rolled to the side. He followed me and he draped his heavy frame over me and peppered me with kissed all over as I held his cum inside of me. Finally, we split and I got up to go clean up. I came back to him laying naked on my bed just looking super hot.

I smiled and climbed into his arms which cradled my ass and back and fell asleep in a slightly drunk, definitely post-orgasm bliss.

I woke up a couple hours later alone. Still naked and sore from that great fuck. I stumbled out on my weak legs to the kitchen bar where I found another bottle of champagne with a note that read.

"Enjoy your week at our resort, again let me know if you need anything at all."

I smiled and popped the top to enjoy the rest of my week!