I love dick. I know that is a hell of a way to start a story, but it is true. I seriously love having a dick in my ass and in my mouth. It was not always so.

I grew up in the '70s and '80s and was taught that LGBT was wrong. I did not actually care until I went into the Navy. The idea of being LGBT at that time was grounds for a BCD or even a DD. So I convinced myself that it was wrong and disgusting.

What happened to me in 1989 was so much of a surprise to me that I freaked out about it. However, thinking back on it today, I have to chuckle at my self-loathing.

Working on a carrier in supply is a pain in the ass (no pun intended) and I used to work well past liberty. Well, one Friday night, I had to get away. I walked towards the enlisted club and while I was heading that way, I had a guy offer me a ride. I said sure and hopped in. He was in the Air Force and said he was temporarily stationed with his squadron at the air station connected to the base. We talked for a bit while he drove to the club. He asked me if I was meeting with anyone and I told him that all my friends were either on duty or out to sea. He then suggested we get away from the base for a while. He said he was staying in a hotel just off base and I shrugged and said why not.

He offered to give me a back massage which I gladly accepted. I had learned that he was in the medical field for his squadron. I stripped down to my skivvies and lay down on the bed to relax. Slowly the tension left. He worked the muscles in my back to the point that I was near to nodding off. He then asked me to take off my shorts and I figured it was fine.

I was relaxed, calm for the first time in a long time, and I did not care. I am, after all, a nudist at heart. He straddled my legs and worked deeper into my back. A few minutes into this, he got between my thighs and started working them as well. The pain in my legs melted away and he returned to my back.

This time, however, he was grinding on my ass. I felt desire rise in me like I had never felt before. He continued to grind on my bareback. My want increased. He was between my thighs, on my back with my face down on the bed, grinding his cock against the split in my ass. I felt the hard shaft slowly getting closer to my anus. Without thinking, I gave in.

I thrust my ass onto his dick. No lube was added and yet he slid in easily. There was no pain either. The pleasure raced through me. The feeling of his hard flesh sliding in and out had me almost numb with ecstasy. I started feeling him swell and then he pulled out and came on my back. I was awash with pleasure. He rolled me over and sucked me until I came in his mouth. I loved every second of him in me.

Then I panicked. I felt such hate and loathing for what I had done. I berated myself for allowing myself to enjoy getting fucked in the ass. I was in the Navy goddamnit! A guy loving dick was not only wrong, but it was also against nature! What the fuck was I thinking?

I went stunned numb. I barely remember the rest of the evening and am not even sure when I went back to my ship.

For the next year or so, I did everything I could to forget it. Then I left the Navy. I was finally allowing myself to figure out what I wanted and why. Since then, I have had a few male lovers and regularly masturbate with a dildo. When I look back at what happened, I realize that I wanted that more than anything at that moment.

And I am glad I gave in. So, I love dick. I am a born male that loves dick deep inside me. I am two-spirit and have learned it is okay to be this way. The experience has made me understand so much about love, life, sex, and pleasure. And I would not trade it for the world.