Backyard Revolution Reviews: Is Backyard Revolution Legit?

  Homemade solar power has existed as an alternative means of electricity for decades, powering homes, businesses, and institutions. But how effective is the system? Every year, people install solar panels to power their homes and enable them to save money and energy.

However, conventional solar panels come with a difficult setup and demand a large space for installation. While it might help save some money in the long-term, the initial cost could be quite high, sometimes amounting to nearly $10,000.

This has led to consumers asking for an alternative means to the conventional solar panel. And this is where the Backyard Revolution system comes into play. This program requires less amount of space than the regular solar panels. Besides, it’s very cost-effective.

The program was designed to assist consumers with the 3D solar panel, which costs about $200 at most. Besides, it occupies five percent less space than traditional solar panels. In this review, you’ll discover the Backyard Revolution—what it is, how it works, the benefits and drawbacks to expect, and much more.

What is Backyard Revolution?

Created by Zack Bennett, the Backyard Revolution is a program designed for those who are tired of power outages and skyrocketing monthly electricity bills

Created by Zack Bennett, the Backyard Revolution is a program designed for those who are 
tired of power outages and skyrocketing monthly electricity bills. The Backyard Revolution solves these problems by providing consumers with the opportunity to generate all the electricity they need in just less than ten square feet of space.

This system originated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is one of the world’s top institutions. So far, it has opened a new chapter in the field of alternative electricity sources. Previously, many people had been moving away from solar panels, owing to their high cost and space.

However, with the introduction of the Backyard Revolution, consumers are beginning to use solar panels again. The technology is cost-effective, requires less space, and no maintenance cost.

How Does it Work?

What is Backyard Revolution?

The system operates on a 3D-dimension structure that multiplies the power generating capacity of solar panels. It consists of a series of overlapping solar panels. Each solar panel is arranged in such a way that it can receive a full glaze of the sun’s rays.

The founder of the program, Zack Bennett, has simplified the process and given all the steps to make the process easier to understand. Once you purchase the program, you have full access to the tools you need, together with top-quality diagrams and pictures that you can follow to help you set up the system in just a few hours.

Besides, Zack provides an over-the-shoulder video in which you can see practically how he builds this ‘personal power plant’ without any professional help.

How is it Different?

Yes, the  Backyard Revolution solar power system is different from the regular solar panels. According to a report from the MIT researchers, the structure can generate up to 20 times more than the conventional panels in the same space.

The solar cells are mounted on the vertical tower in a zigzag manner. This allows them to collect as much energy from the sun as possible. The production of solar cells is currently on the rise, and this makes the Backyard Revolution a cheaper alternative.

While the design may appear costly, it does not go beyond $200. This cost includes tools that you may use in other future projects. Interestingly, you might already have some of these tools in your garage. The setup is simple, but it’s advisable to have a helper.

However, even if you have no one to help, you can follow Zack’s advice in the videos and do it. Alternatively, you can read the PDF document and follow it. Either way, you have everything at your disposal to help you complete this task without any problem.

Backyard Revolution Main Advantages

The main selling point of the Backyard Revolution system is that it takes less space. It allows you to save money and energy. However, it comes with other benefits too. At a time when the world is edging closer to green energy, this system allows you to create a better environment and make the world a better place to live in.

Once you install the system, you’ll be able to save bills and protect the environment from the dangerous emissions caused by other electricity generators. Even with very little space, you can still produce your own electricity courtesy of the Backyard Revolution solution.

Backyard Revolution Key Features

If you’re reading this review, the chances are that you’re tired and sick or the regular power blackouts and expensive monthly electricity bills. With these challenges, the first thing that comes to mind is the installation of regular solar panels.

However, this is set to change, with the introduction of the Backyard Revolution system. All you need is a space less than 10 square feet and some $200 for installation. Once installed, you’ll enjoy zero maintenance costs.

In summary, the key features are:

  • Takes less space—only 10 square feet
  • Easy to install
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Optimum use of solar energy
  • Video and PDF guides

In addition to these, you will get three bonus reports, including Homestead EMP Protection Protocol, Stockpiling Secrets, as well as Homestead Alternative Sources.

Pros and Cons of Backyard Revolution System

This new technology in the alternative energy industry offers the following benefits:


Easy installation

With basic building knowledge, you’re good to go. Even without basic building knowledge, you can install the structure by simply following the videos provided.


With regular power outages witnessed throughout the year, many people can no longer trust the national grid systems. Backyard Revolution will give you the opportunity to live in a world of freedom, save money and energy, enjoy a continuous supply of power. You will set up your personal power plant.

Saves money

With the national grid system, the meter keeps rising each day, and you have no way of controlling it. Eventually, you end up paying huge electricity bills with low consumption. Backyard Revolution offers the best solution to this problem, as the system cuts your conventional bills by nearly 50 percent. Besides, the system is cost-effective, reliable, and makes you independent from the third-party generator.

Much less space

According to reports from the MIT researchers, the Backyard Revolution system takes only 5 percent space compared to the conventional solar panels. Even with less space, it generates double the amount of energy compared to the regular panels.

Low maintenance

Backyard Revolution comes with zero to low maintenance costs, which is a long-term advantage of the system. Once the system is complete, you can place it at any point and use it all year round.


No charging facilities

Overall, the benefits of this system override the only downside of this system. Once it’s set up, the structure requires only sunlight for a few hours. Once it absorbs enough energy, you can use it at any time of the day or night without any electrical charging.

Company Support

In addition to the video and PDF guides, the author offers overall e-mail access for up to 12 months. Should you encounter any problem anywhere or get stuck during the installation process, you can always contact Zack for immediate solutions.

This system is enough to power your entire house. If you intend to use it for that purpose, you only need to calculate your daily power consumption and scale up the system by including few modules. The accompanying guide contains all the instructions you need to do so.

Once you receive the system, the first 30 minutes go into watching the instruction videos and reading the PDF manual. You can spend another two-and-a-half-hour to construct the entire system. This implies the total building process could take up to 3 hours.

Backyard Revolution Pricing and Moneyback Policy

You can purchase the Backyard Revolution through ClickBank. The company offers a great moneyback policy. If you cannot build the system or you meet any obstacles along the way, you can always count on their agents for real support.

However, if you change your mind after purchase and you would like to cancel the order, you can cancel the order within 60 days and get a full refund of your money. No questions were asked. The Backyard Revolution program is currently available for a discounted price of $39. You can place your order here.

Zack Bennett’s Backyard Revolution

Final Word

Zack Bennett’s Backyard Revolution is a program designed to help you generate your own power using solar energy. It gives you the opportunity to move from depending on government agencies and other electricity suppliers to establishing your personal power plant. This will not only save you money but will equally protect your family from the potential dangers of blackouts.